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There are currently hundreds of Project Management software solutions out there. These solutions can greatly improve the overall Project Management process by reducing or eliminating duplicative effort (such as time entry into multiple systems), providing on-demand generation of revenue forecasts by project, resource, or groups of each, on-demand status reports, executive dashboards, and collaboration tools. This can free up resources from administrative tasks to focus on solving problems and moving the projects forward. However, if an organization is going to invest the time and money to implement a solution, it is absolutely critical that the final solution provide the expected ROI. That will only happen if the solution meets all requirements and is adopted by the vast majority of users.

Many organizations have existing, well-adopted and sometimes expensive software systems such as their ERP (SAP, etc.), Accounting system (Great Plains, etc.) and scheduling software (MS Project, etc.). For these organizations, it is desirable to keep these systems in place, while still leveraging the advantages of the excellent Project Management software solutions on the market. As such, it is paramount that the final solution has native integration (connectors) to the existing systems.

In order to maximize the chances for success, telligentPM will analyze your pain-points, gaps, requirements and objectives, manage the RFP process and manage the entire implementation.

We are passionate about improving the practice of Project Management through application of our various services. We believe that the focus of any business process improvement should be on people, then process, and finally, technology.




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